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Step 1: Site Consultation

Each project begins with an on-site consultation.  In this meeting, we try to get to know the client and their needs and wishes for the property.  Working in partnership with the client, we analyze the site and develop a program or scope of work for the project.  We follow this meeting with a written proposal for our services and an estimate of design fees.


Step 2: Master Planning

After the initial consultation, we revisit the site to take careful measurements of all existing elements, photograph the site, and shoot topographic grades if necessary.  This information is then transferred to the property survey to create a scaled base map for the site.  We then develop a design concept for the property, incorporating the client's needs and wishes while carefully considering the physical realities of the site.  The final product of the master planning phase is a scaled drawing showing the arrangement of all proposed hardscape elements (patios, decks, pools, etc.), planting and their relationship to existing site elements.  The Master Plan can best be described as an overall vision for the property, outlining long-range goals and objectives.  The Master Plan is often implemented in phases over the course of several years.





Step 3: Construction Drawing

In the construction drawing phase, the Master Plan is refined into precise detailed drawings that can be given to the contractors who will build the project.  A set of construction drawings will often include the following:

• Layout Plan (with dimensions of all hardscape items)
• Grading and Drainage Plan
• Construction Details
• Planting Plan (with plant and planting specifications)
• Landscape Lighting Plan

Good construction drawings enable the contractor to provide an accurate cost estimate and to implement the project according to the design vision.


Step 4: Construction

At our client's request, we will assist in collecting bids from qualifying contractors.  We can then assist with reviewing the bids and selecting the best contractor for the project.  During construction of the project, we are always available to make on-site inspections and to help our clients answer any questions that the contractor might have.  Our design studio is proud of its working relationship with builders, architects, and craftsmen.  We are committed to creating the highest quality outdoor space possible.